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About Our Company

Shaheen Electric Company started its journey as a sole agent and distributor of some world famous electric companies in Bangladesh from 1975. This company has already setup a reputed brand image in the consumers mind over 35 years successful operation in Bangladesh. We have strategic alliance with the branded products of LG/ LS Industrial Systems Company Limited (Product origin –Korea), EUN SUNG Industrial Co. Ltd, (Product origin –Korea), Dong Bang Electrical Industrial Company Limited (Product origin –Korea), Sungho Controls Company Limited (Product origin –Korea), Dongwoo Electric Co. (Product origin –Korea), O-sung Electric Machinery Company limited (Product origin –Korea), Shizuki Electric Co., Inc. (Product origin-Japan), Risesun Electrical & Industrial Co., Ltd (Product origin-Taiwan) & Jubang Electric Co., Ltd. (Product Origin-China).


Shaheen Electric Company is a leading group of electrical engineering companies in Bangladesh trough its subsidiaries. This company is specialized in the field of High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Switch Gear and System, Metering, Measurement, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Inverter/VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). Shaheen Electric Company is putting continuous and best efforts to achieve customers’ satisfaction and to create the best product value for the nationwide customers. The company creates the standards for controller and automated equipments, the essential elements of industrial automation. All the electric equipments and systems of this company are international standard, evidently proved by the efficient design and quality. Shaheen Electric Company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified along with the international compliance codes namely IEC, UL, ANSI and JIS. The electrical equipments and systems group will aggressively take the initiative in the world market by introducing new concept products and reinforcing activities aimed at lowering the production cost and improving the product quality day by day. The company provides the most advanced control equipment and technology on the basis of abundant experience in the field of electrics and automation systems installations.

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